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Night Spell CND

CND’s new Night spell collection is finally out now consisting of Shellac & Vinylux! Each color coat weights about .25fl oz  the shellac consists of these following names:

SHELLAC Berry Boudoir
SHELLAC Hypnotic Dreams
SHELLAC Viridian Veil
SHELLAC Eternal Midnight
SHELLAC Lilac Eclipse
SHELLAC Mercurial
 • Berry Boudoir
• Eternal Midnight
• Hypnotic Dreams
• Lilac Eclipse
• Mercurial
• Viridian Veil

CND’S Shellac lush color lasts for 2 weeks when used properly with the system!

OPI Iceland collection

OPI’s Iceland collection recently released in July 2017 contains A set of 12 different colors of nail polishes consisting of regular nail polishes, infinite shine & GelColor these are the names to them:

  • Two-Timing the Zones
  • Living on the Bula-vard!
  • Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
  • Polly Want a Lacquer?
  • Do You Sea What I Sea?
  • Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?
  • I Can Never Hut Up
  • Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-Istic
  • Suzi Without a Paddle
  • Coconuts over OPI
  • No Tan Lines
  • Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

the product comes off as very appealing with the beautiful model showcasing the purple color named “One Heckla of a color”. For all of you Game of Thrones fans out there we all must agree that she looks exactly like Daenerys! OPI continues their trend of releasing regular nail polishes with their infinite shine & gel color! I was very fascinated with the new colors especially blue since that’s always been my favorite color. This release is definitely a step up for OPI exceeding their 2016 collections! This collection is also one of my favorites after receiving it by mail I was very pleased with the color schemes and how easy it was!

AEON- MoodGlow

Aeon’s MoodGlow developed by AEON Innovations is a mood changing glow in the dark nail polish which is perfect for the night time whenever you’re out with friends, club, you can also apply this product on your kids.  Released only a few months back demand has been quite high.  Colors will change whenever you dip the nail above 82 degree’s and below 82 degree’s! There are over 23 kinds of MoodGlow featured by AEON some look quite similar in terms of color but they’re darker and lighter versions! Applying this product takes only 4 simple steps that any person can do by themselves. For only 10 dollars we were quite amazed at what was being offered from a nail polish! Consumers want things that can entertain them a glow in the dark nail polish will definitely be fascinating compared to original nail polishes. A nail polish that glows in the dark I’ve never heard of such a thing until now! Glow in the dark nail polish is definitely the future of this industry!t

Dragon Eye

Aeon’s Dragon Eye Gel Polish combines color change through temperature and cat eye into one amazing product. This product has over 18 different variety of colors with almost any color you can think of! Dragon Eyes colors ranges from Blue to different shades of red combined with other colors to offer a unique galaxy appearance. Applying Dragon Eye is basically a 4 step process: Step 1: Put a layer of primer, then cure with UV/LED Lamp

. Step 2: Put a layer of Dragon Eye gel polish (This step you don’t need to cure with UV/LED lamp)

. Step 3: Put the magic magnetic stick to close your nail (Do not touch the nail surface)

. Step 4: Put a layer of topcoat or our special “Top It Glow” topcoat (it will make your nails glow in the dark, also available for purchase in our store). Then cure with UV/LED lamp.

This product also glows in the dark which is perfect for a night out with friends or at the club to get your game on! Dragon Eye costs only $10.00 with every order including a free magic magnetic stick to help apply polishes to your nail! If you’re having trouble the demo below should help out regarding the application process of the gel!

Miracle Base

An emerging product is on the rise known as “Miracle Base” developed by Aeon Nails. Miracle Base is a nail gel that gives a marble airbrush effect, which helps make creating marbles, stripes, and flowers designs much easier. The product doesn’t require artistic skills and the base breaks down gel polish into water like gel which is a bonus as we struggle to find many products that can breakdown gel polish. Creating the desired nail design is a simple process which consists of applying the base gel along with the Miracle Base, creating your design and finally applying the Top Gel.  After watching the demo video we were amazed at the finished product as it was something that we’ve never seen before. The designs were clean & crisp, for such a nice desirable effect one would think the product would cost over 60 dollars but it was only 12.99 which is jaw dropping. This product is currently on pre-order with over hundreds of orders waiting for the release by next week.  The future of this product is just starting the horizon is starting to rise! Aeon also features other unique products such as Dragon Eye & Mood Glow that consumers should check out as they’re quite popular! If there are any questions regarding the products feel free to contact us at 1(888)-770-AEON(2366) or email us!


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