AEON- MoodGlow

AEON- MoodGlow

Aeon’s MoodGlow developed by AEON Innovations is a mood changing glow in the dark nail polish which is perfect for the night time whenever you’re out with friends, club, you can also apply this product on your kids.  Released only a few months back demand has been quite high.  Colors will change whenever you dip the nail above 82 degree’s and below 82 degree’s! There are over 23 kinds of MoodGlow featured by AEON some look quite similar in terms of color but they’re darker and lighter versions! Applying this product takes only 4 simple steps that any person can do by themselves. For only 10 dollars we were quite amazed at what was being offered from a nail polish! Consumers want things that can entertain them a glow in the dark nail polish will definitely be fascinating compared to original nail polishes. A nail polish that glows in the dark I’ve never heard of such a thing until now! Glow in the dark nail polish is definitely the future of this industry!t

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