Dragon Eye

Dragon Eye

Aeon’s Dragon Eye Gel Polish combines color change through temperature and cat eye into one amazing product. This product has over 18 different variety of colors with almost any color you can think of! Dragon Eyes colors ranges from Blue to different shades of red combined with other colors to offer a unique galaxy appearance. Applying Dragon Eye is basically a 4 step process: Step 1: Put a layer of primer, then cure with UV/LED Lamp

. Step 2: Put a layer of Dragon Eye gel polish (This step you don’t need to cure with UV/LED lamp)

. Step 3: Put the magic magnetic stick to close your nail (Do not touch the nail surface)

. Step 4: Put a layer of topcoat or our special “Top It Glow” topcoat (it will make your nails glow in the dark, also available for purchase in our store). Then cure with UV/LED lamp.

This product also glows in the dark which is perfect for a night out with friends or at the club to get your game on! Dragon Eye costs only $10.00 with every order including a free magic magnetic stick to help apply polishes to your nail! If you’re having trouble the demo below should help out regarding the application process of the gel!


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