Miracle Base

Miracle Base

An emerging product is on the rise known as “Miracle Base” developed by Aeon Nails. Miracle Base is a nail gel that gives a marble airbrush effect, which helps make creating marbles, stripes, and flowers designs much easier. The product doesn’t require artistic skills and the base breaks down gel polish into water like gel which is a bonus as we struggle to find many products that can breakdown gel polish. Creating the desired nail design is a simple process which consists of applying the base gel along with the Miracle Base, creating your design and finally applying the Top Gel.  After watching the demo video we were amazed at the finished product as it was something that we’ve never seen before. The designs were clean & crisp, for such a nice desirable effect one would think the product would cost over 60 dollars but it was only 12.99 which is jaw dropping. This product is currently on pre-order with over hundreds of orders waiting for the release by next week.  The future of this product is just starting the horizon is starting to rise! Aeon also features other unique products such as Dragon Eye & Mood Glow that consumers should check out as they’re quite popular! If there are any questions regarding the products feel free to contact us at 1(888)-770-AEON(2366) or email us!

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